Cosplay shoot

I received an e-mail from Charlotte last week where she asked if I would be interested in a cosplay shoot.  She wanted to have some pictures in her Elsa costume from the Frozen movie while she visited Bergen.  Turns out she lives in London where she studies to be a pastry chef, but she's originally from California.  While in London she wanted to visit Bergen possibly because the town of Arendelle in the movie Frozen is inspired by Bryggen in Bergen.

I've never done a cosplay shoot before so it was easy to say yes to her request.  Luckily I arrived in Bergen on friday after sailing for three weeks so I came home just in time to meet up with her and see if we could get some pictures together.

Model: Charlotte Rose Kryska

We started our photoshoot in the Rosenkrantz tower.  Not sure we're allowed to do a photoshoot there, but it's easier to get permission afterwards.  Turns out the people working there eventually found out what we were doing when a tour group of tourists suddenly barged in on us in one of the halls.  The tour group quickly went on as the tour guide seemed a bit stressed about us being there, so we quickly packed up and continued another way so we wouldn't bump into them again.

From the Rosenkrantz tower we first tried to take the cable car up to mt. Ulriken, but it was unfortunately closed.  Might be because a giant heap of snow from the roof of the main building had slid of the roof and was now blocking the entire entrance.  
So instead we headed out to Gamlehaugen castle where we took a couple of pictures with the castle in the background.  As always there is a lot of people here and they soon realized "Elsa" was there.  They would come up and ask politely if they could have a couple of pictures of her and one woman ever made "Elsa" speak Norwegian to her sick daughter and wish her a speedy recovery.  When walking back to the car we were followed by three kids about fifty meters behind us and we could see parents filming "Elsa" as we passed them.  

One of many fans stopping by to get some pictures and a short movie of Elsa telling a sick girl that she hope she's getting better soon.
Model: Charlotte Rose Kryska

Model: Charlotte Rose Kryska

From Gamlehaugen we traveled back into the city, took some pictures in a park before taking the funicular up to Floeyen where we walked to the "Brushytten" and took some nice photos with the sunset behind her.  And while I was rigging up the lights people would come over and get more pictures of the Elsa.  
We finished the photo shoot here before splitting up on the mountain and I headed back down while she played a tourist and sang the "Let it go" song from the movie and enjoyed the walking in the snow.  A great and fun day.


Fun facts about this model, she's been a cosplayer for eight years, she loves snow and I really mean she loves snow. 
She's a former Disney employee and she makes all of her own costumes.  

In the end I'm super happy with this day.  I got to do a photo shoot with a cosplayer and I got to play around with a little extra editing on the pictures afterwards. 

Turns out my model has her own blog and you can read about photoshoot from the models point of view in these two blog updates:
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